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So, I know I haven’t been writing on here lately but I felt that I had to post a review about a lovely website called, Whole Sale Flights. Now, before you think that this is a positive review- think again.

Personal rating: *  (1 out of five)

On their website they promise to find you the best deals. Anyone who is planning on taking a trip knows how expensive flight tickets can be, right?

I’ve been in America visiting family and I wanted to go back home to my apartment in Japan. Since I feel like I have overstayed my welcome, I hopped on the internet and proceeded to search for flight tickets.

When you first enter their site, you are met with a pretty standard form where you enter your departure date, city, and how many passengers. So, I type in Baton Rouge to Narita, enter the date and submit the form.

So far, so good. Right?

For example’s sake, I put in some airport codes and a date just to take a screen-cap;

(If you click on the picture, I believe that it does get bigger.)

Okay, at the bottom of the page it states to call their representative or to fill out a fare request form. It was late at night so I filled out a request form and expected to get a reply. Two days, no reply. So, I decided that maybe they were busy and I gave them a call.

Before I move on with my story I want to note something very important; when you try to change the city or date you leave on- the price doesn’t change. And on any other flight website, the price goes up and down depending on the month, day, time of day…etc. The price they give you is meant to look ‘attractive’ in order to lure you into calling them. While they use it as a way to gain more business- some people don’t want to have their time wasted.

Now really, my problem isn’t with how poorly constructed the website is. I could careless. My main problem is what happened after I called them.

Okay, so, ring, ring, ring….and someone picks up. Again, so far, so good.

I proceeded to tell the man what fare I saw online on their website and he asked for the basic info; departure date, time, city, and destination.

I told him all of that and he put it into the computer and came back with the price of $1300 a person. When I confronted him and asked why the website said otherwise, he proceeded to grow very angry and hang up. I called again and I got another male. We went through the same routine and he quoted me $1700 a person for the same information that I gave the previous man.

So I asked him, “Why are you telling me this price, when I have found it online for much cheaper?” (Which, I had and I’ll get to that later.)

The man, like the last one, grew very angry and started to raise his voice into the phone, “Really? You’re stupid to think you can find something cheaper than what I’m giving you.”

Shocked by how unprofessional he was, I replied, “You quoted me $400 more than the last guy.”

“Well, that’s bullshit! You’re not going to find anything cheaper than what I gave you. Where did you find such a stupid price like that? This is the peak season, you are lucky to get this price! You are foolish to think otherwise!”

So, I gave him the website that I had used. He went there, typed it in and began to stutter, “Uh…uh….uh…$1700 is the best I can give you….uh……”
And then he hung up on me.

Not only was he rude, but disgusting as well. He spent the whole time smacking on some kind of food, right into the telephone.

Well, to end this story- by booking the flight myself I saved $2,100 dollars and found some amazing tickets that totaled $1302 for two people. (My girlfriend and I.) Save yourself the hassle and book your flights yourself. The more time and effort you put into it, the better the end result. I spent a mere 2 hours online and I saved myself a bunch of money. Being a college student in a foreign country, money is something I like to have more of.

To sum it up;
Avoid Wholesale-flights.com at ALL costs.

If you have any questions about what site/s I used and my ‘method’ for finding cheap flights- leave my a comment. I’d be more than happy to help.


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